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Floyd Siegal understands what it means to be an effective mediator. He is compassionate with the plaintiffs and truly listens to their story. He is knowledgable about complex legal issues. Most of all he is very creative with his approach to resolving a case that is fair to both sides. All of my experiences with Floyd have been consistently great.

Robert Ounjian, Esq.

Carpenter & Zuckerman

Mr. Siegal is a fantastic neutral! I’ve brought two very tough cases before him (one a very high value and complex case) and through hard work, determination and a knack for thinking outside of the box, he got them both done. I also really appreciated his approach with my clients. He gave them a direct and informative real world perspective on their case, while also being incredibly compassionate. They appreciated it very much and raved about the job he did. I highly recommend Mr. Siegal and look forward to personally working with him again on many cases in the future!

Jacob L. Stipp, Esq.

Stipp Law Firm

Floyd is absolutely one of the best mediators anyone can use. He is well-tempered, smart, and solution-oriented. He works hard to get the parties to consider each other's positions and employs outside the box thinking to overcome obstacles in resolving cases. He follows through on cases after mediation until they are resolved or there is no hope. Beyond his professionalism, his dedication, and intelligence, he is a caring and compassionate human being that has earned the respect of both sides of the bar.

P. Christopher Ardalan, Esq.

Ardalan & Associates

Floyd Siegal is a mediator with energy, enthusiasm, credibility, and a strong desire to never let a mediation end without a settlement being reached. His fresh approach to mediations is inspiring. I’ve attended too many mediations where the mediator simply “goes through the motions” and resolves nothing. But Floyd will keep the parties talking, present innovative ideas for settlement, and work as hard as anyone. I highly recommend Floyd Siegal as a mediator.

David Ring, Esq.

Taylor & Ring

Floyd is great. Have used him numerous times. He gets the job done, especially in the most difficult and challenging cases. His "Baseball Mediation™" alternative is both innovative and gets cases settled. I highly recommend Floyd.

Craig Roeb, Esq.


Top tier mediator. Very resourceful. Hard working with great follow up. The follow up has resulted in and caused case resolution on matters that would not have resolved but for his persistence. My understanding is that the defense bar thinks highly of him.

Andrew Bryman, Esq.

Bryman & Apelian

Mr. Siegal loves baseball analogies, including his patented "Baseball Mediation.™" I think Mr. Siegal is a five-tool talented mediator. He starts with pre-mediation conferencing days before the mediation to understand the likely sticking issues before the formal session commences. The pre-conference absorbs the time-suck that usually exhausts the first few hours of mediation so when the mediation starts, everyone is ready to get down to brass tacks. Mr. Siegal is creative and tailors his mediations differently every time depending on case type and personalities. Mr. Siegal is facilitative, but in his own disarming and professional manner, is evaluative when appropriate to try to move the needle. Mr. Siegal is tenacious to the end. And even better, your case is not forgotten as soon as the scheduled mediation ends without a settlement. Mr. Siegal's follow up post-mediation to try to close the matter is outstanding.

Marc Trachtman, Esq.

Marc Trachtman Law, PC

Floyd is an exceptional mediator. He does a fantastic job of comforting your client and explaining the process and keeping them involved. He is extremely honest in his process and stays with it until resolution. I highly recommend him and would use him on any case.

Siamak Vaziri, Esq.

Vaziri Law Firm

Thank you for going well above and beyond the call of duty to get this case resolved. I honestly did not think the gap would get closed - but you kept us all engaged in your creative process and it worked beautifully! I know that my client was impressed and pleased with the outcome and has already added you to its list of preferred neutrals.

Michael G. Martin, Esq.

Graves & King

I commend Mr. Siegal's creative efforts as a mediator in a serious injury construction case. This case involved multiple parties and at the time of mediation two defendants' summary judgment motions were pending and two other defendants were in for the duration. The potential outcome of the MSJ's created different exposure to different defendants. Mr Siegal fashioned a formula that used the pending MSJ's as a tool to encourage the parties to ultimately reach a significant 7 figure settlement. Mr Siegal's phone follow-up between and after face-to-face mediation sessions was instrumental in keeping the parties engaged.

Steven B. Effres, Esq.

Effres & Associates

The cases I have set for trial are tough to resolve. There’s a lot at stake and the injuries are so horrific that carriers don't know how to evaluate them. That’s where Floyd Siegal comes in. Floyd has settled more of my cases than any other mediator. He’s my go to mediator and at the top of my list every time!  

Steven R. Vartazarian, Esq.

The Vartazarian Law FIrm

Mr. Siegal is a very personable and even-handed mediator. I would have bet my paycheck that the case he mediated for me would not settle. I would have lost that paycheck, as he managed to settle it. He was well informed about the case and facts and was creative in the tools he used to get us to the point where the case settled. His policy to donate a portion of his fee to the charity of one’s choice was impressive. He earned his fee and I would without hesitation recommend him to anyone on any side of the fence.

Mark D. Kaufman, Esq.

Mark R. Weiner & Associates

Mr. Siegal was instrumental in settling a tough MIST case with seasoned counsel and difficult facts. The pre-litigation offer was in the low five figures. The case settled for six figures and above the pre-litigation demand. Mr. Siegal was patient and listened to the clients and determined their “needs” and “wants.” He brought a contemporary approach to mediation which was refreshing. He had both my clients' and my confidence. Although the mediation concluded without a settlement, Mr. Siegal worked the back channels to bring about a fair settlement within a few days. I would not hesitate to use him again. He has my vote of confidence and I have recommended him to others.

Minh T. Nguyen, Esq.

Nguyen Theam Lawyers

I recently had the opportunity to mediate a premises liability matter with Mr. Siegal. This was the second mediation. The first was with a different mediator. The case involved multiple defendants and some unusual injury issues and evidence. At the outset, the parties were very far apart in their liability evaluation and numbers. The defendants, too, had issues regarding indemnity under their respective services agreements. With his relaxed nature and effective perseverance, Mr. Siegal kept the parties at the table with an ultimately positive result. And if that was not good enough, and it was, he never said stop after the clock ran over and never charged us for the overage. And Mr. Siegal's generosity did not stop there. He also has a practice of donating a portion of his mediation fees to a charity of counsel's choice. This needs no further comment. I recommend Mr. Siegal for your next case whether you are plaintiff or defendant. He is bright, fair to all sides and works hard. That's all we can ask for.

Stuart Supowit, Esq.

Jackson, Jenkins & Renstrom

I came late to the Floyd Siegal roll out. While I had heard from several people that Floyd was very good, we all develop a “comfort level” with a handful of mediators and frequently stay within a self-imposed “list” of mediators. Approximately three years ago, an adversary suggested Floyd and I decided to give him a chance; a decision I definitely do not regret. Floyd opened my eyes to his ability to listen and observe the situation (including what is truly driving the particular mediation), as well as his stealth persistence. I use the term "stealth" because it exemplifies Floyd’s pursuit in a course of action, in spite of difficulty or opposition, without any perceived force. Simply put, Floyd keeps a dialogue moving even when the parties claim they want to stop. Where other mediators feel they have reached an impasse, Floyd realizes this is where the work begins. Whether through a joint breakout session of counsel; allowing a party (not attorney) to merely speak, thereby allowing the party to feel that their position/feelings are validated; or post-session telephone calls, Floyd keeps people talking. Since the purpose of mediation is to find points of agreement, the more discussion the better. Now, after thee years, Floyd Siegal is on that list of mediators that fall within my “comfort level” and I do not hesitate to suggest him as a mediator to each of my adversaries.

Gerald DeSimone, Esq.

DeSimone & Huxster

 I have been using Floyd for over 4 years as a mediator. He produces spectacular results. He really does understand the art and math and science of negotiation. That really creates an optimal situation for mediations. He is tenacious and constantly goes above and beyond to obtain full value in a Mediation. I would use him in a heartbeat. In a small case. In a massive case. He is always on my "short list" and I regularly endorse him to others who present their short lists to me seeking feedback. Having done about 7 mediations with him, you get a feel for the person, and he has inter-personal skills that are quite effective in negotiating cases. As his Bio states he is more successful every year and in particular has grown his practice since the pandemic. I cannot recommend him highly enough. When I deployed overseas for the Army from 2020-2021, he was genuinely concerned with my safety and security and personally reached out several times to make sure I was ok. That is just who he is. A great lawyer. A great mediator. Most importantly a great human being. Use Floyd Siegal. You will not be disappointed.

Allan Dollison, Esq.

John Ye Law

Just a quick note of thanks for getting this matter closed yesterday. I was very inclined to walk a couple of times and your persistence paid off. The case would not have settled but for your considerable influence on the parties, particularly the plaintiff and her counsel. We have not worked together in the past but I will certainly keep you in mind for matters in the future and have routed your resume to the attorneys throughout my firm.

Arthur J. Chapman, Esq.


My first contact with Floyd Siegal came a number of years ago, by way of an opposing counsel’s recommendation. I had heard good things about Mr. Siegal but had no way of validating any of them for myself at that time. I have since been able to, and many times over. My clients and I have always felt that he was genuinely involved in trying to resolve our case and that the facts of the case as we viewed them were being heard and respected. I have had mediations with Mr. Siegal where my clients have been extremely thankful for his efforts (even when a case did not settle during an initial session), with others tearfully embracing him for being able to bring closure for their heavy loss. Of the cases that I have mediated with Mr. Siegal, a majority of them have settled either on the day of mediation or within a few weeks thereafter. For those that remained, they too thereafter settled through his tireless ”after-hour” efforts to keep the parties talking. That is an important asset to me. As litigators, we agree to the mediation process in an effort to seek out a fair resolution for our clients where possible. For those cases that should resolve and can resolve regardless of difficulty, Floyd Siegal would be a perfect choice.

Mark Apelian, Esq,

Bryman & Apelian

Debbie and I want to thank you for your excellent work today. This has been hanging over us for what seems an eternity, and the resolution in which you were so instrumental is a great relief for us. Now we can get on with our lives and in leaving this all behind us, find some peace from an event that changed so many things for us. Would you please direct our donated portion of your hard-earned fee to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital? Again, thanks very much. Your clients are, I think, lucky to have you "on both sides.”

Debbie and David B.


I found Mr. Siegal to be very perceptive and patient in the face of a complicated family/business dispute. His persistence and reasoning brought the parties much closer to a resolution than I thought possible.

Kaz Uemura, Esq.

Yesterday's resolution was truly amazing. This was a bitterly contested action which involved a cross complaint as well. When I arrived at 9:30 am, I was so certain the case would not settle that I parked in a 2 hour tow-away zone, convinced it would be over in an hour. By noon, I moved my car into the parking garage. When the mediation finally ended, and a settlement agreement was actually signed, about 7:00 pm, although totally exhausted I was exhilarated to finally put this one to rest. Your patience and persistence for over 8 hours was the primary basis for the remarkable outcome. You are to be congratulated and I wholeheartedly recommend your services as a mediator to any and all. You are number one on my list of potential mediators.

Edmond B. Siegel, Esq. (no relation)

Edmond B. Siegel and Associates

Mr. Siegal is extremely knowledgeable, patient and creative. His efforts went far beyond our expectations in settling our case. He is an excellent mediator and I highly recommend him. I look forward to working with him again in the near future.

Haleh Shekarchian, Esq.

Mr. Siegal promised that he would follow-up with the attorneys after we left his office and he made good on that promise, eventually helping us craft a creative settlement.

Jeff Carlson, Esq.

Carlson & Messer

I had an opportunity to be involved in a case in which Floyd was opposing counsel. He demonstrated a professional demeanor and dedication to finding a resolution while still serving his client’s interests. When I learned he had become a mediator I suspected it would be a good fit for him. I recently had a case in which the opposing counsel and I used Floyd to mediate a fairly complex matter. His creativity and communication skills were instrumental in helping the parties make significant progress towards a resolution. I would highly recommend Floyd Siegal for mediation services.

Nathan Fransen, Esq.

Fransen and Molinaro

Mr. Siegal worked diligently and tenaciously to get our case settled (even when no one else in the building thought there was a prayer of reaching a settlement). He immediately established a relationship of trust with our client, and effectively used all the tools at a mediator’s disposal to get the matter resolved.

Allen B. Grodsky, Esq.

Grodsky & Olecki

Thanks again for your efforts, and for restoring my faith in the mediation process. It was all about our client, and he seems to be content that it is all over. That’s what counts the most for me. You were pivotal in making our client happy. Thank you.

Frank Y. Ariel, Esq.

Your willingness to continue to push for settlement and the ultimate shaking of hands at the end of the day was excellent and well worth the long day.

Richard D. Marks, Esq.

Floyd was an excellent mediator. He was patient, even tempered yet forceful and knowledgeable. He was able to get the case settled quickly.

Rinat B. Klier Erlich, Esq.

Zelms Erlich & Mack

Floyd managed to settle a matter in mediation that I thought for sure would not settle that day. Bravo!

Mark Tseselsky, Esq.

Mr. Siegal was very accommodating to the parties and worked steadfast in ensuring a resolution of a case that took many twists and turns during the course of the mediation. Great job.

Richard A. Harting, Esq.

Harting, Simkins & Ryan

Floyd recently successfully mediated an employment discrimination case with emotions running very high on both sides. He skillfully kept the parties talking and worked hard at getting a resolution. I appreciated his demeanor and the manner in which he treated my client, with respect and dignity. I highly recommend Floyd as a mediator and believe his being a long time litigator with trial experience greatly assisted in his settling my matter.

Craig Horowitz, Esq.

Horowitz & Clayton

Sometimes in mediation, technical, law-based techniques are not effective with certain parties, or when applied to certain facts. Such was the case with a matter that Mr. Siegal recently mediated for us, and Mr. Siegal recognized that fact right away. Mr. Siegal’s relaxed yet focused approach ultimately facilitated settlement of a case that all parties and counsel believed impossible. Thank you for your efforts.

David P. Beitchman, Esq.

Beitchman & Zekian

I found him to be extremely patient, professional, and diligent. I would highly recommend him for even the most contentious cases.

Bruce N. Graham, Esq.

I found Mr. Siegal to be extremely knowledgeable and fair-minded. He is exceptionally well-prepared for the sessions and is tenacious though courteous with counsel and client as well. He is sensitive to counsel's special issues with clients. He is detailed in his analysis of the respective legal positions of the participants and is most definitely NOT one of the all too often encountered "cut to the chase" type Mediators. I recommend him highly.

Larry D. Mikelson, Esq.

Mikelson & Mikelson

Thank you for your patience and insight in this matter. It was really a pleasure to work with you on it, and a lesser mediator would not have gotten it done. As to the kind charitable contribution, the clients ask that you make the selection, since you did such a great job. Thanks again, and I know we will see you again soon.

Joseph Fogel, Esq.

Thank you for sticking with our case for a full 360 days! It too is the longest case I have had in mediation and is a tribute to your perseverance. I look forward to many more mediations with you, but hopefully they won't last as long as this last one.

Jack D. Hull, Esq.

Goldsmith & Hull

I have had great success in using Mr. Siegal in mediating matters. He is very effective and goes to great lengths to assist settlement negotiations beyond what in my experience most mediators will do. He does this by thinking outside of the box in order to find compromise. Mr. Siegal has a genuine interest in facilitating the process so all parties understand what is needed to reach a resolution that is in everyone’s best interests. I look forward to utilizing his skill and expertise in the future.

Christopher P. Lyon, Esq.

Gilsleider & Trembath

Mr. Siegal was a wonderful mediator and was the main reason this case was able to settle. He was fair to both sides and explained the entire process to my client in a way she could understand. I would not hesitate to utilize his services in future cases.

Phillip M. Scuderi, Esq.

Thank you for the fine job you did on Thursday. We had been through three prior mediations over the past four years, and were still a million dollars apart. You were able to cut that gap in half, and it was your guidance and encouragement that enabled us to take the final steps to finally settle the case on Friday afternoon. My clients are gratified and satisfied with the result.

Andy Roth, Esq.

Reid & Hellyer

Thanks again for your help with [both] cases – you did a fantastic job getting them to the finish line.

Louanne Masry, Esq.

Masry Law FIrm

One of the elements that impressed me most during this process was Mr. Siegal’s calm and comforting demeanor. Most important, he was able to instill confidence and faith in the process of mediating for my client. And, while there is a tendency for the adversarial nature of the litigation to bleed into the mediation process, Mr. Siegal was able to keep the conversation and negotiation moving in a common direction, and ultimately assisted in the successful disposition of the matter.

Matthew D. Riojas, Esq.

Thank you for your hard work on Friday. This was a difficult case from a liability standpoint. I appreciate your efforts in getting the case resolved. I will definitely keep you in mind for future mediation services and will certainly recommend you to my colleagues. Thank you again!

Gary Daglian, Esq.

Mr. Siegal brings a different approach to mediation. He is a uniquely good listener, and puts that skill to good use in bringing parties from far apart to agreement. I highly recommend him.

Guy Gruppie, Esq.

Murchison & Cumming

I applaud you on your efforts and help in getting this settled. It was nothing less than masterful.

Larry Dornstein, Esq.