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Have you ever noticed that the best drivers and the best negotiators share certain skills in common? Both anticipate the actions and reactions of others. Both are quick to make necessary adjustments. Both are aware that sudden and unexpected maneuvers can cause a loss of traction or send things spin [...]

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For reasons that largely remain a mystery to me, I had more "last-minute" cancellations in 2023 than any previous year. By "last-minute," I mean a request to cancel or continue a mediation within fourteen (14) days of its scheduled date, at which point the mediation fee is non-refundable unless I'm [...]

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I tend to think of negotiation as a competitive process that necessarily requires cooperation in order for the parties to reach their shared objective of resolution. The reason I consider the process "competitive" is that each side generally wants to be “the winner,” i.e., the party that negotiated [...]

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In July of 2008, my family and I — together with other families from Temple Judea in Tarzana, including the families of some of our closest friends — travelled to Israel with Rabbi Dan Moskovitz. For all of us, it was and remains the trip of a lifetime. The tragic events of October 7th instantly bro [...]

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Sometimes, the parties to a dispute become so immersed in the details and so entrenched in their respective positions that they develop tunnel vision and can't see a seemingly apparent solution. The following apocryphal story, which has been told in a variety of ways throughout the years, illustrate [...]

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